A Hash House Harrier


A female Hash House Harrier. Approach with caution.


A blob of flour which usually indicates you are on a trail.


A flour symbol showing you are on the right trail, and indicating a possible
parting of real trail and false trails.


A flour symbol meaning go back to the previous check. Or is it check backwards
towards the previous check looking for a side trail? Something along those lines


A flour symbol which means the opposite of whatever the symbol above means.


This has to be the opposite of a checkback, so the same thing as a turnback,
right? Or maybe it’s the same as a checkback. Must be one or the other.


A shout by a hasher who has seen something white that might be a blob of flour
but often isn’t, in which case see  Down-Down


An interrogatory shout, made on the dubious premise that the person you are
shouting at might have some idea whether they are on trail or not.


A response to “Are-You”, given by a hasher who has veered off in a different
direction to everybody else. This is taken to mean the hasher is looking for
flour but hasn’t found any. More probably, the hasher is just trying to find
a quiet spot for a pee (see  Down-Down )

Front Running Bastard (FRB)

A hasher whose ideal trail lasts for seven miles. See  Down-Down

Short Cutting Bastard (SCB)

A hasher whose ideal trail lasts for seven minutes. See  Down-Down


A first-time hasher. See  Down-Down. Not
to be confused with biological virgins, who are very rare in hashing and invariably


Conducted as a sort of post-mortem at the end of each hash, in the finest British
tradition of rewarding the guilty and punishing the innocent.

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