Contacting the Cantabrigensis

The Cantab Hash runs every Monday at 7.00 pm from the
St Radegund in King Street, Cambridge. If you’re still not convinced check
with Spud at the
St Radegund on 01223 311794.

You can contact us via email:send to underwear at hashing dot org (replace "at" with "@"

and "dot" with "."
sorry about that but you know how spam is…)

You can download a map of how
to get to the St Radegund.

Or join the mailing list:

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Other Hashes around Cambridge

The Cambridge
meets every Sunday at 11 am. Unlike the Cantab hash, they start from
a different pub each week so make sure you visit their web site for details.

The Wrestlers Hash meets on the third
Thursday of each month, starting from the Wrestlers on Newmarket Road at 7.00

If you like the thought of doing it on wheels, then you
should try a Bicycle Hash, or BASH for short. BASHes happen one Saturday a month
(11 am) and  one Friday evening a month (7pm) during summer. Find out when

Other Sites

If you’re running a pub or having a party and want to order local
beer, we can recommend the Milton Brewery who do good beer, are hash-friendly,
and are the keepers of the magical
beer tree
flowers once a year.

Cambridge news, reviews, and best of all free vouchers at the
Local Secrets website.

What else is on in Cambridge? Find out using the Cambridge
Search Engine


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