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Tonight’s Trail Monday 4 November 2019

Monday, November 4th, 2019

Your hare is Kit Off. This is what she says you can expect:
“There is a trail.  There is a co-hare flying in from Germany.  There will be a beverage break.”

28 October 2019: the HANDOVER hash!

Monday, October 28th, 2019

Tonight is the *HANDOVER*. There will be a short trail with 3 drink
stops. There will be singing, and most importantly, there will be a new GM!
See you at The Old Spring for 7pm

Tonight’s Trail (Monday 7 October 2019)

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Your hares this evening are Maria and Hold It For Me (Alun). Maria says:
“There will be beer” 🙂
See you at The Old Spring for 7pm

Grunty Fen On-Ice

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Grunty Fen On Ice is a cross country half marathon on Sunday 10th September 2017 beginning at the Icehouse in Dry Drayton and covering the countryside around childerley, Lolworth, Boxworth and Knapwell. As well as running there will be beer, food and music. What’s not to like?
Half marathon, relay team runners and marshalls are all being asked to sign up
If you want to get involved please fill in the doodle poll here:


Monday, May 9th, 2016

Half pint
There shall be beer AND nibbles on tonight’s trail.
More from Mufti:

Mr Mufti has lots of lovely Calverley’s Brewery beer for you. And nibbles. It will be a lovely warm evening. There’s no theme and the run will be pretty and not too long.

What more reasons do you need to come run/bike/stroll on tonight’s hash?
Mufti x
p.s. did I mention lots of beer, please come drink

Show solidarity with the International Workers’ Day Hash!

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Tonight’s hash has been (is being / may be) set by Simon. As this is close to May Day the theme is International Workers’ Day.
From Simon:

There is (will be) a trail. To celebrate International Workers’ Day take some time off and enjoy its delights. Prizes for best May Queen/Morris Man.
See you later

So show your solidarity with working men and women (or show your capitalist disdain for said people) by joining in union with us!

The River Run!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

21 entries, 20 made it to the start line in the Blue Ball in Grantchester, the finish line of the St Radegund on Kings Street. Adorned with a luminous running number and a list of ten pubs in travelling salesman order each with a half pint awaiting them the competitors set off.

  1. The Blue Ball
  2. The Green Man
  3. The Red Bull
  4. The Mill
  5. The Pickerel
  6. The Maypole
  7. The Haymakers
  8. The Hopbine
  9. The Champion of the Thames
  10. The St Radegund

Two hashers took that alternative longer route, travelling straight from The Mill to the Haymakers, coming back via the Pickerel/Maypole. Polygobbler – the fastest woman and therefore overall winner travelled straight from the Pickerel to the Haymakers and back via the Maypole. Timing to the nearest half minute by Crabbo.

  1. 40:30 Jack
  2. 41:50 Satan
  3. 42:30 Brian
  4. 43:30 Something Fishy
  5. 44:00 Ginger Bin Laden
  6. 46:00 Cum for Lunch*
  7. 48:30 Dull Date
  8. 54:00 Kneel Bastard
  9. 59:00 Wedawwow
  10. 62:30 Polygobbler (first female)
  11. 64:00 Erica (first lady and second female)
  12. 64:30 Kit Off (third female)
  13. 66:30 Ollie
  14. 68:00 On Heat (fourth female)
  15. 68:30 ButtLicker (fifth female)
  16. 70:30 Beer Gnome
  17. 70:30 Running4Joe
  18. 78:00 Regrope
  19. 80:00 Welcome Mat
  20. ? Judge Judy (we were all too pissed to write the time down)

An honourable mention goes to Erica who cruised into the finish looking like she’d had a lovely jog and could do with a nice refreshing pint. Beer Gnome set a new personal worst on the final half pint before lying on the ground wishing he could do the much easier Spartan Race again. The male winner – Jack – rated it as much harder than the Chunder Mile. Cum for Lunch had every half pint out of old running shoes that had been auctioned off in aid of the Childrens society. She’s disqualified from the competition due to wearing most of the beer, but gets to keep the scarf.
Shoe auction proceeds : £88.08
Entry fees : £420
Gift Aid : £70
Total : £508.08 + £70.00 gift aid
Expenses :
20 scarves : £70 (donated by the GM)
Iron on transfers : £8.67 (donated by the GM)
Stationary : £7 (donated by the GM)
Beer : £0 (donated by all the pubs)
Total : £0
Total raised for the childrens society : £508.08 + £70.00 gift aid

Tales from the Rad

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

A classic example of one of our drinkers with a running problem. When you’re in the Rad, forget your running shoes and get a beer like Butlins.

The Rad is a place to relax amongst friends, and the most skilled hasher is relaxed enough to even doze through high-pitched GM chatter. Fortunately the Rad is a phone-free pub so you’re not in danger of having your photo taken.

Um Minceton, is that a HALF pint?

Urgent: Hasher in need of retraining down under

Monday, April 9th, 2012

SOS: This Cantab hasher is called to England for some urgent retraining. Please present yourself on a Monday night for some beer as soon as possible.
Now, can someone please send me some photos of hashers drinking beer? THIS IS NOT A RUNNING CLUB!


Cambridge Half Marathon badness (11 March 2012)

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Approaches to Cambridge Half preparation were varied. Gosia assembled a smart-looking not-at-all-broken team all wearing the same T-shirt (ok, she assembled a gaggle of hashers but the thought was there).
Jeremy psyched out the opposition by practicing the course and pulling faces, Claire started her PB run from the back of the field (but then she does ski up hills, it’s basically the same thing), and Ed got technical.
After all, the right way to approach a half marathon is to think through the food and beer afterwards,yes?
But in the end it all turned out fine. Nobody fell over, Butlins had fun safe in the knowledge that he is no longer responsible for such misbehaviour, Owen eventually got over his confusion (is it the ringroad run? a hash? the Whippet 5k?
Do I stop for a beer in the Rad?), and Minceton showed that a true SCB can make up 8 mins 22 secs of being beaten by a woman with 3 mins of photoshop. Before long we were all enjoying a perfect sunny Colby after party and replenishing our beer levels.
Competing in a Half Marathon is bad behaviour. Don’t try it at home.
If you are struggling with Half Marathon and other inappropriate urges, we have a Hash Running Therapy group for drinkers with a severe running problem (LINK CONTAINS DANGEROUS RUNNING ENTHUSIASM – ONLY OPEN IF DESPERATE AND HAVE A BEER TO HAND)