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The River Run!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

21 entries, 20 made it to the start line in the Blue Ball in Grantchester, the finish line of the St Radegund on Kings Street. Adorned with a luminous running number and a list of ten pubs in travelling salesman order each with a half pint awaiting them the competitors set off.

  1. The Blue Ball
  2. The Green Man
  3. The Red Bull
  4. The Mill
  5. The Pickerel
  6. The Maypole
  7. The Haymakers
  8. The Hopbine
  9. The Champion of the Thames
  10. The St Radegund

Two hashers took that alternative longer route, travelling straight from The Mill to the Haymakers, coming back via the Pickerel/Maypole. Polygobbler – the fastest woman and therefore overall winner travelled straight from the Pickerel to the Haymakers and back via the Maypole. Timing to the nearest half minute by Crabbo.

  1. 40:30 Jack
  2. 41:50 Satan
  3. 42:30 Brian
  4. 43:30 Something Fishy
  5. 44:00 Ginger Bin Laden
  6. 46:00 Cum for Lunch*
  7. 48:30 Dull Date
  8. 54:00 Kneel Bastard
  9. 59:00 Wedawwow
  10. 62:30 Polygobbler (first female)
  11. 64:00 Erica (first lady and second female)
  12. 64:30 Kit Off (third female)
  13. 66:30 Ollie
  14. 68:00 On Heat (fourth female)
  15. 68:30 ButtLicker (fifth female)
  16. 70:30 Beer Gnome
  17. 70:30 Running4Joe
  18. 78:00 Regrope
  19. 80:00 Welcome Mat
  20. ? Judge Judy (we were all too pissed to write the time down)

An honourable mention goes to Erica who cruised into the finish looking like she’d had a lovely jog and could do with a nice refreshing pint. Beer Gnome set a new personal worst on the final half pint before lying on the ground wishing he could do the much easier Spartan Race again. The male winner – Jack – rated it as much harder than the Chunder Mile. Cum for Lunch had every half pint out of old running shoes that had been auctioned off in aid of the Childrens society. She’s disqualified from the competition due to wearing most of the beer, but gets to keep the scarf.
Shoe auction proceeds : £88.08
Entry fees : £420
Gift Aid : £70
Total : £508.08 + £70.00 gift aid
Expenses :
20 scarves : £70 (donated by the GM)
Iron on transfers : £8.67 (donated by the GM)
Stationary : £7 (donated by the GM)
Beer : £0 (donated by all the pubs)
Total : £0
Total raised for the childrens society : £508.08 + £70.00 gift aid

Days of our lives (16th August 2010)

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Master of Vice departed from the traditional beer stop plying us all with Pimms, Strawberries and cream. Congratulations on his three score and ten.

Mufti’s Bumprints (9th August 2010)

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Mufti reports that hashers left the following cheek prints at the beer stop. Anyone who can explain why the hasher on the right was sitting backwards may win a pint.

Cantab Hash Birthday (26th Oct 2009)

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Party time!

  • Cantab Hash 8th 10th birthday
  • GM changeover
  • Landlord Bunter’s retirement

Reactions to the new appointment are mixed:

River Run (12th Oct 2009)

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The annual river run is from Grantchester to Cambridge (or vice versa, depending on the oddity of the year), with half-pint beer stops at 10 pubs along the way. Er, leakage of any sort is
nor permitted.
This year the race saw a star performance from Gosia, who proved to have not only the speed but the drinking ability to fend off her male competitors. Never has the circle chant of “beaten
by a woman” been so richly deserved.
Admittedly, her navigational system did break down after the race and her route home that night was somewhat unconventional.
But that’s another story…

Incidentally, there is of course a choice as to whether to race as fast as possible, or to take a more leisurely approach and savour the beer on offer. The photos above are of the first four home, the ones below took rather longer. As for who is having the most fun, judge for yourselves.

Beer stop on Underwear’s trail (14th Sept 2009)

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Well, there was all this beer left over from Grunty Fen…
Amazing how many people you can fit into a garden. Scared the crap out of the cat, though.

Grunty Fen (13 Sept 2009)

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Has nobody noticed that we have a GORILLA running for us this year?

Once more the Cantabrigensis hashers dominated the Grunty Fen half marathon. Not that we actually won anything as such (other than Yorkshire Whippet winning his usual “fastest middle
aged person” in some category or other). But we certainly dominated in numbers, drank more than the other teams, and anyway we had both a Gorilla and a Borat.