Cambridge. A city where you can discuss the mysteries of the universe with the world’s finest minds. Stroll down “the backs” and breathe in the history and architecture of one of the world’s most famous seats of learning.
Alternatively, you could wander along to the Cantabrigensis Hash House Harriers.
This motley crew of “drinkers with a running problem” meets every Monday at 7pm at the St Radegund pub in Kings Street, Cambridge.We, too, discuss important mysteries of the universe such as Does Size Matter? We, too, meander down ancient alleyways that time has forgotten, as indeed have the local sanitation inspectors.
A typical Monday gathering will have a mix of Town, Gown, and Yanks (sorry, that should have read “Atlantically Challenged”). Professionally our numbers include students, lecturers, computer scientists, US air base staff, a condom tester, and others who actually work for a living. We have a large female contingent, who don’t quite outnumber the men but make up for it by being far more rowdy. Fitness levels vary from the Seriously Athletic to those who are looking for a short cut home by the time they reach the end of the street.
In short, everyone is welcome – just turn up – and it’s free* !
* Beer not included

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