River Run 2022!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

LobsterRed LionComment
Hold It For Me0:413M
Can’t Force It0:431W
Dildo0:441/Last Lobster
Cherry Popper0:51
Penis Beaker0:52
Something Fishy0:52
So Clitoral0:582W
Right Labium0:58
Catherine the Cake1:05
Mr Three Pussies1:34Leakage/DNFB
Three Pussies1:38Lekage
Moist Virgin1:40
Tina Riches2:17

Our Glorious leader (36as) had this to say:

once again, well done to all the participants and a great thank you to everyone who has helped to run and organise! we have raised a cool £884.59 which i will be transferring to the designated charities/organisations later this week (details to follow). so if stopping just short of £900 irks you too, you still have a couple of days for a last time donation: grins38@gmail.com (paypal) or message for bank deets.

and since i have made the marshalls record the times meticulously, here are a couple of entirely useless graphs:

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