Do you have a big running problem?

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Lovely hashers!
We all know that the Monday hash is for drinkers with a running problem. But what when your running problem is more than you can deal with on a Monday night? Do you have a secret itch to run on other days? Don’t worry! As Christmas approaches and the opportunities for drinking increase, we know what a difficult time it is for those who struggle with a need to run that eats into their drinking time. We therefore offer a new support group for your rehabilitation:


Hashers wot advent run

Join the facebook group if you think that running / some form of exercise for 30 mins every day in advent is a good idea. You’ll soon be cured.
Other support groups you could join, all populated with largely the same rabble you meet on a Monday night:

Hashers wot parkrun

For those early Saturday urges
Family friendly if you want to bring your carers and supporters
(we normally do the Cambridge parkrun at Milton Country park

St Radegund RDC Wednesday speed training

Join the facebook group if you want to do intervals and get horribly speedy – it starts again this month.
Led by the Yorkshire Whippet, FRB.

St Radegund RDC Googlegroups

View from Orgasm Bridge

View from Orgasm Bridge

For longer runs of all kinds, including 8.4 mile Tuesday ringroad runs (sometimes) and Sunday long runs (sometimes)!forum/radc
You’ll find that if you join a group, you’re not alone, and you’ll be offered opportunities to find out that you don’t enjoy running at all. We very much hope that you’ll stop wanting to run and have more time to drink more beer very soon.
I am available on a Monday night to talk about any of the above if you need more detail. Ask somebody to point me out if you don’t know me yet.
Tart in Shorts
The excellent former GM who, through excellent welfare support, had the fewest hashers run a m***thon during her reign.

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