Spooky Hashing!

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Mystical tree on the background of an abandoned house with orange pumpkins
There’s a dispute about wearing fancy dress for tonight’s hash. The GM thinks we should:

There is something terrifying in the air (and I’m not talking about the prospect of me being GM for the next 12 months).  This coming Monday is Halloween.  The living dead is laying a trail (thanks Crabbo). For the rest of you, don your best halloween outfits and try to scare the children.

Crabbo, who is setting the trail, thinks we shouldn’t:

I shall have none of this superstitious, zombie pumpkin, dressing-up nonsense on my trail – just normal Hash gear please . . .
It is recommended that you have money for the purchase of refreshment on trail.

So one week in and the new GM has already had his authority questioned.
IF you do wear fancy dress there MAY be BEER on offer. According to FOBGM:

Less than a week in, and I’ve already received threatening emails from our local:
“I’m emailing to ask about whether it would be possible to organise a Halloween fancy dress run for the hash for the coming Monday? (It is a bit short notice but I only thought of it yesterday.) I was thinking that the best dressed will get a free pint and the worst dressed will have to drink a pint of Saffron beer.”
“If you can push the fact they will be drinking saffron beer if they don’t dress up that would be great (mmwhahaha).”
Hopefully see some of you this evening.  Be afraid.

Come along and embarrass him further!

One response to “Spooky Hashing!”

  1. Robin Knox-Johnson says:

    I wonder if I wrote that Saffron beer can be frightening enough what will happen?….

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