And the new GM is…

Monday, October 24th, 2016

FOBG or as he is now know FOBGM!
Some pics from the night:

You’ll notice that Something Fishy has a halo in all the images. According to him:

Yesterday evening, VB proclaimed that Something Fishy is the Evangeliser. On that note, the verse I was thinking of, VB, was Deuteronomy 7:7, ‘It was not because you were more in number than any other people that the LORD set his love on you, for you were the smallest of peoples.’ The discussion group I mentioned is happening on Tuesday evenings, for the next month or so. If you do go, please say ‘hi’ to Doug from me. He is very good at these things.

Err.. Quite. In other news here was the trail. Not the official trail mind, this is the trail those of us who got lost took…

On On!

One thought on “And the new GM is…”

  1. Wow, I see what you mean, Ben! I don’t think it’s my halo. It’s far too bright. Thanks for the compliment, though. VB looks perilously close to being holy in the fobgm03 photo!

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