The River Run 2016: The Aftermath

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

A hangover prevents me from saying too much about last night’s River Run. However, here is a map of the route:

A few words from the GM:

I am clearly not at my finest form today since I forgot to say THANK YOU to all the people who made yesterday possible. (I blame the fact that I drank more than some of the competitors AND I kept it down).
Thanks to the marshals for hanging out in the pubs and keeping track of the results. Some took it more seriously than others. Rather than providing me with a beer stained piece of paper with half of the numbers missing and replaced by obscene pictures, Brazilian and Wife Beater sent me their results as a PDF file (attached). Thank you. I will cherish it forever.
Thanks to all the helpers who ran with the competitors and made sure that they did not fall in the river.
Thanks to Josie and Vernon for providing medical support to those worse for wear.
Sometimes (but very rarely) you guys make me proud!
Hugs and kisses
Miss O

And also the results:

Cantabrigensis River Run 2016
Position Name Number Time Comment
1 Brian 13 00:39
2 Something Fishy 10 00:42
3 Robb 15 00:44
4 Dildo 8 00:44
5 Hot Lips 2 00:50
6 Schoolboys’ Dream 4 00:50
7 Muthatuka 19 00:50
8 Right Labium 17 00:53 Leaked
9 Left Labium 14 00:54
10 Cum into a Small Fortune 18 00:56
11 Ben Allanach 20 00:57
12 St Nicholas of Radegund 11 00:57
13 Jules 5 01:00
14 KitOff 1 01:09
15 I am Vajazzled 3 01:09
16 Shamcock 9 01:23
17 Penis Beaker 12 01:23
18 Vampire Bat 6 02:30
19 Dave the Rave 7 DNF
20 Unprotected Cox 16 DNF


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