Chunder, Chunder, Chunder, Chunder Mile!

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Tonight it’s the Chunder Mile!
Chunder, chunder
chundermile, ho
Are on the move
Chundercats are loose
Feel the magic
Hear the roar
Chundercats are loose!*
Or as KitOff explains:

Lovely hashers,
For the naive, the plan is that I will lay a 400m trail, you will drink a pint, run the trail, drink a pint, run the trail, drink a pint, run the trail, drink a pint and run the trail, finishing to rapturous applause and celebration!
Please get in touch if you’re interested.  You will need to bring your own beer, but that’s a good thing because then you can choose your own drink. Lager is bad, beer is good.  If you must, fizzy soft drinks or cider are acceptable but I will be disappointed with you.
On beer, run, beer, run etc etc
KitOff xx
PS The GM says this is a great idea and you should sigh up

Be there or be Snarf:
*Apologies to anyone born after 90 and indeed not in the UK to whom none of this will make sense.
If you’re too timid to take part then come along anyway to laugh at those who do!
UPDATE: Some footage from 7/8 years ago:

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