Good Riddance

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Tonight’s trail from Fence F**ker:

I have been asked.. nay.. COMMANDED by Her Stabbiness The GM to remind everyone that tonight’s trail actually falls smack-bang on GOOD RIDDANCE DAY, so there will be fancy-dress involved.
For those who have been before, the dress-code is obvious (if you’ve still got the T-shirt)  – otherwise, just come in something that signifies the Special Relationship.  Unless the Special Relationship that springs to your mind is the one involving the Gimp in pulp-fiction, in which case keep your deranged fantasies to yourself and your significant other(s) – there IS such a thing as too much information.

on Boston-tea-partying..

Fence F**ker

One response to “Good Riddance”

  1. FenceF***er says:

    actually not me organising – I have merely been commanded to be he Announcer of Doom. All trails may contain traces of nuts. Do not use without an adult in attendance. Not suitable for those with a heart-condition

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