How the hash found a cup (Turing Relay, 18 March 2012)

Monday, April 9th, 2012

So, there was some controversy in the Rad in mid March when a cup bearing the words ‘fastest team’ emerged on a Monday night. The GM was not present but, in response to a number of slanderous and hurtful accusations about competitive running, has pieced together the true story: Jeremy was  exercising his beer arms with the ever patient Lovely Pear one day when he stumbled across a bunch of others who hadn’t quite got the technique.

Other hashers joined to help but a problem soon emerged: there was no beer in the fens.  The horror of the situation was apparent and they did what they could to speed pubwards –  clearly only wily Jellybean had the forward thinking to bring an en route solution.

Fortunately they did all make it in the end but once in the pub, they realised that they were missing a suitably large drinking vessel. Jeremy tried some sweet talking first, but obviously one of our loveliest harriettes had greater effect. Excitement at the prospect of beer ensued and the group were really pleased with their vessel and the amount of beer it can hold.
Many thanks are due to the gentleman in the Alaska hat whose identity is unknown but is held in great estime by the hash as he is a drinker with no running problem. We’re told that he turned up, drank beer and did no running. What an inspiration.

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