Cambridge Half Marathon badness (11 March 2012)

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Approaches to Cambridge Half preparation were varied. Gosia assembled a smart-looking not-at-all-broken team all wearing the same T-shirt (ok, she assembled a gaggle of hashers but the thought was there).
Jeremy psyched out the opposition by practicing the course and pulling faces, Claire started her PB run from the back of the field (but then she does ski up hills, it’s basically the same thing), and Ed got technical.
After all, the right way to approach a half marathon is to think through the food and beer afterwards, yes?
But in the end it all turned out fine. Nobody fell over, Butlins had fun safe in the knowledge that he is no longer responsible for such misbehaviour, Owen eventually got over his confusion (is it the ringroad run? a hash? the Whippet 5k? Do I stop for a beer in the Rad?), and Minceton showed that a true SCB can make up 8 mins 22 secs of being beaten by a woman with 3 mins of photoshop. Before long we were all enjoying a perfect sunny Colby after party and replenishing our beer levels.
Competing in a Half Marathon is bad behaviour. Don’t try it at home.
If you are struggling with Half Marathon and other inappropriate urges, we have a Hash Running Therapy group for drinkers with a severe running problem (LINK CONTAINS DANGEROUS RUNNING ENTHUSIASM – ONLY OPEN IF DESPERATE AND HAVE A BEER TO HAND)


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