River Run (12th Oct 2009)

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The annual river run is from Grantchester to Cambridge
(or vice versa, depending on the oddity of the year), with half-pint
beer stops at 10 pubs along the way. Er, leakage of any sort is
nor permitted.
This year the race saw a star performance from Gosia, who proved
to have not only the speed but the drinking ability to fend off
her male competitors. Never has the circle chant of “beaten
by a woman” been so richly deserved.
Admittedly, her navigational system did break down after the
race and her route home that night was somewhat unconventional.
But that’s another story…
Incidentally, there is of course a choice as to whether
to race as fast as possible, or to take a more leisurely approach
and savour the beer on offer. The photos above are of the first
four home, the ones below took rather longer. As for who is having
the most fun, judge for yourselves.