Grunty Fen (13 Sept 2009)

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Once more the Cantabrigensis hashers dominated the
Grunty Fen half marathon. Not that we actually won anything as such
(other than Yorkshire Whippet winning his usual “fastest middle
aged person” in some category or other). But we certainly dominated
in numbers, drank more than the other teams, and anyway we had both
a Gorilla and a Borat.
Obviously recently married, no-one else would willingly spend that
long in the company of their spouse…
Six second swallower puts in a sterling perfomance considering
she spent the previous night up to her armpits in a cow’s rear end.
Jeremy manages an entire race without falling over, thanks to the
attentions of his minder.
Once more many thanks to Jellybean and Yorshire Whippet for the
organisation, training and post-race barbecue.
By general agreement, a mankini does not provide sufficient support
for running. Or coverage, which given the cold weather is a tribute
to Jack.
Oh, so it wasn’t a real gorilla after all… Ettles guards his afternoon’s supply of energy drinks.