Month: September 2009


Chariots of Fire (20th Sept 2009)

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Chariots of Fire 2009 group photo

Ah, what an impressive collection of running and drinking talent!

Here are the stats for the Cantabrigensis Hash House Harriers:

Number of runners: 66

Number of teams: :11

Number of teams in the top 7 who finished in less than an hour: Two

Number of teams in the top 25 out of 363: Four

Money raised and handed over to Hewitsons: £1485

Money donated to charity as a result: Nil. Moral: never trust a lawyer with your money (apart from Abi, of course).

On the left, we have the fastest mixed team, a.k.a the Cantab Whippets. Unfortunately they didn’t actually win, as Hewitsons decided at the last minute that having a fair mix of females and males wasn’t a requirement for a mixed team (Duh?)
On the right, we have the speedy old gits of the Cantab Hash Old Masters team. They didn’t win either, for the simple reason that another team of even speedier old gits did.

And so it was left to the senior ladies to show the club’s running prowess and claim the “fastest old biddies” prize.
Well done to the team of Kate (Capt), Alison, Josie, Lemons, Cecile, and Beverly.

Two more of our esteemed entrants: On the left, “Cantab Hash The Baron’s Wieners”, on the right, “Cantab Hash Trailblazers”

Enough of the running…it is after all a “Running and Drinking” club…

Beer stop on Underwear’s trail (14th Sept 2009)

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Well, there was all this beer left over from Grunty Fen…
Amazing how many people you can fit into a garden. Scared the crap out of the cat, though.

Grunty Fen (13 Sept 2009)

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Has nobody noticed that we have a GORILLA running for us this year?

Once more the Cantabrigensis hashers dominated the Grunty Fen half marathon. Not that we actually won anything as such (other than Yorkshire Whippet winning his usual “fastest middle
aged person” in some category or other). But we certainly dominated in numbers, drank more than the other teams, and anyway we had both a Gorilla and a Borat.