A drinking club with a running problem...


This motley crew of "drinkers with a running problem" meets every Monday at 7pm at the St Radegund pub in Kings Street, Cambridge. Fitness levels vary from the Seriously Athletic to those who are looking for a short cut home by the time they reach the end of the street.

In short, everyone is welcome - just turn up - and it's free!*

* Beer not included

Main pic: King's Parade, © Something Fishy 2013

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Chunder, Chunder, Chunder, Chunder Mile!

July 11, 2016


Tonight it’s the Chunder Mile! Chunder, chunder chundermile, ho Chundercats Are on the move Chundercats are loose Feel the magic Hear the roar Chundercats are loose!* Or as KitOff explains: Lovely hashers, For the naive, the plan is that I will lay a 400m trail, you will drink a pint, run the trail, drink a … Continue reading Chunder, Chunder, Chunder, Chunder Mile!

Good Riddance Trail Review

July 6, 2016


Here’s last Monday’s trail, slightly edited due to user error. More details coming soon (possibly): Stats: 7.75 km / 4.8 miles. Time taken: Err, about an hour?

Good Riddance

July 4, 2016


Tonight’s trail from Fence F**ker: I have been asked.. nay.. COMMANDED by Her Stabbiness The GM to remind everyone that tonight’s trail actually falls smack-bang on GOOD RIDDANCE DAY, so there will be fancy-dress involved. For those who have been before, the dress-code is obvious (if you’ve still got the T-shirt)  – otherwise, just come … Continue reading Good Riddance

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